Audrey Hepburn’s Legacy

Audrey Hepburn was one of those celebrities who you couldn’t help but love. Apart from being insanely talented and poised, she was a great humanitarian and a wonderful human being. She was a woman of many skills – she studied ballet, she acted, and she sang and performed in musical theater.

Her first breakout role was as the titular character of Gigi, a Broadway play, no less. After that, Audrey rose to worldwide fame and recognition. She was loved by the audience as well as film critics. In fact, in 1999, she was ranked by the American Film Institute as the third-greatest female screen legend in the golden era of Hollywood.

Nearly every movie Audrey ever made has become an instant classic. Starting with the romantic comedy When in Rome, where she stars alongside Gregory Peck, to the romance thriller Charade with Cary Grant, then, the musicals My Fair Lady and Funny Face, the latter of which proved that she was a major fashion icon, and, the movie everyone knows her by, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which cemented her multifaceted status.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is many people’s favorite movie, including me. One of my beloved scenes is when Holly and Paul go around the stores in New York having fun, and I especially like the scene when Paul visits her before she is set to leave for Brazil, and she’s trying to cook him a nice dinner, but she fails because her pressure cooker explodes. I often feel that way when I’m in the kitchen using my pressure cooker from Appliances Reviewed, especially when it starts to make noises. I feel like a less stylish version of Holly with a slightly upgraded kitchen appliance.

But, back to Audrey. Her status as a fashion icon is still prominent in the fashion world, she was a major influence. The little black dress she wears in Breakfast at Tiffany’s has become a recommended staple for every woman’s wardrobe. Actually, one interesting fact about the movie is that in the beginning, Marilyn Monroe was considered for the part, and in addition, Truman Capote, whose book the film was based on, disliked the casting of Audrey.

She was never a diva, even though she was a high-profile celebrity and a movie star. She was also a talented actress, and many more things, and no wonder she was and still is such an inspiration!

Celebrity Spin Class Secrets

Spinning is hot. It is interesting how fads come and go, and this is certainly true in the fitness business. Gyms want to keep fitness buffs coming so the rise of spin classes has created a big, new following of aficionados. The attendees love having something different to do and they adore the loud, pounding music that keeps them at an advanced pace. It is an aggressive sport. The instructor yells words of encouragement and changes the session constantly so you never get bored. Celebrities of all types have been seen in spin class and we know adherence to the principles appeal to athletes, actors, politicians, business gurus, and reality stars.

I like to follow the trends and celebrities of every ilk surely set them. They are always at the forefront of everything new and since they have to look good for the public, it is often about working out. This is one of the better fads that has taken over the country, especially among young people. I read the magazines, social media, blogs, and websites that report on what is happening in style, fashion, travel, family life, and gym preferences for the rich and famous. I get tips from web sites like, such as the use of clipless pedals. This is something you should know about. I read about some with an “integrated carbon blade spring design.” Sounds good to me. I love the idea of the aerodynamic profile associated with them. Plus, they easily provide a quick and secure clip in and out. I get why they are popular. They allow for a large, wide pedaling surface and 13mm stack height which contributes to maximized power transfer. These are the buzz words. You can work it in spin class or climb hills fast and with minimal effort. They are designed for the road.

I also like knowing what celebs are wearing in spin class to look buff. Kate Hudson, the actress, has started a company of athletic wear and the sexy styles are perfect indoors or out. The fabrics cling to the body while the colors and patterns make sweating fun. You might as well look appealing while you torture your body. You will also leave the gym in style in case there are any paparazzi. You won’t be embarrassed in your glamorous togs. The designs Kate advocates show a lot of skin, especially those rippling abs. If you want to make others envious, this is how. Most outfits consist of leggings and sleeveless tops. You can be super comfortable as you climb fantasy hills in spin class. I know celebs like to top each other when it comes to fashion, and with the availability of new clothing sites, you, an ordinary person, can compete.

Water Workouts

My grandmother told me a story about a time when she was a child living in Hollywood. Her parents wanted to teach her how to swim but felt that she would respond better to a stranger. They heard that a neighbor with a large above ground pool was offering lessons in his backyard given by a young actor who needed work between auditions. His name was James Garner. He later became Maverick on TV for many seasons and of course the star we know from movies like the Notebook. He was a good teacher and my grandmother became a proficient swimmer and continued to swim in her own pool all of her life. She taught me to focus on keeping celebrity-fit and healthy by doing pool-based water workouts. That’s how James did it in his young adulthood. He was a veritable stud in his twenties. She then added some of her own movements to the regime he taught so it was a complete program. She published the workout in a woman’s magazine and it has been passed around the family for decades.

Exercises are easy on the muscles in a pool but also particularly effective. It has to do with water resistance. It is important to cover all the muscles of the body and to also practice proper breathing techniques. She required in her program the basic crawl to warm up and the butterfly stroke to accelerate the heart rate. She gave instructions how to use the arms and particularly how to kick the feet with intensity. For a break and relaxation, the backstroke was chosen. You could also substitute any other stroke you like for variety. Diving off a low board was popular when she was young and it wasn’t considered unsafe. If you did it regularly, you would clench the buttocks and straighten the legs gracefully, not to mention pointing the toes. All kinds of muscles are used in these exercises. If you do them regularly, she guarantees results. I can see why. It is a comprehensive program that utilizes most body muscles in an intense manner. No wonder swimmers have some great bodies. Celebrities who want them, and lord knows they do, often add to their gym workouts with swimming exercises. I imagine that most of them have swimming pools at home. I certainly have adopted grandma’s strategies as they are a nice alternative to the gym machines that can get tedious and boring.

There is so much attention given to fitness these days and to having a gorgeous body. Anything you can do that is also enjoyable at the same time makes sense. I don’t see as much attention given to what can be done in the pool so I am writing this blog to let you know to pay more attention to a great form of fitness enhancement. I would like to see more magazine articles on the subject with new ideas to add to those of my grandmother. Meanwhile, I am steadily getting more toned.

If a Celebrity Jumped off a Bridge, Would You…

Celebrities. Ah! The fodder for millions of articles, TV news programs, magazines, and books. We can’t get enough of them day and night. We want to emulate their every move as if there were nothing more important. If they jumped off a bridge as a new fad, probably a lot of other people would, too. Their names are pure magic. We all have our favorites like Paris and Kim. They denote glamour and excitement and fill our lives with trivia galore. We love this meaningless banter about what they wear, where they vacation and with whom, what they buy for their babies, and the cars they drive. No wonder I was a bit captivated by an article on celebrity beauty tricks. This is what they are known for. Their opinions are to be trusted and loved. They must know more than the average Joe. They make a living about being good looking and beauty ranks high on the list of their knowledge. Perhaps that is the only true knowledge they possess.

The article was full of nonsense and maybe a good tip or two. Using three tubes of mascara for your eyelashes may seem a bit much, especially if blue is the under color. Buying a bra a size too small will give you instant lift. Tattooing your eyebrows will fill in missing hairs. There is always someone’s favorite perfume, lipstick, blush, and even toothpaste. If you want to wear what the big names are wearing, take a closer look. They tell you where to get copycat outfits and sometimes the real thing. Editors call it a score.

Then here was a tip that made me flabbergasted. One actress keeps her legs healthy and varicose vein free by wearing compression stocks for nurses. These are those thick ugly things that nurses typically wear because they are on their feet a lot. Don’t knock it if you don’t get it. I am also on shoots for days at a crack which causes some serious wear and tear on the calf muscles.

I think it is actually a good idea, as ridiculous as it may look. It would work for people who travel a lot and walk long distances in airports. I am going to jump off that bridge I mentioned and order a few pairs. I hasten to the nurses clothing website and find just what I am looking for. You can’t get them just anyplace such as in a department store. They come in basic colors: black, beige, suntan, white (nurse’s favorite I am told), and coffee. You can get a whole wardrobe of them to go with all your outfits. I intend to wear them with pants most of all so the heavy gauge of the material won’t matter. They aren’t the most attractive with delicate dresses and skirts. I think I learned something important from a fluff celebrity article. I am going to keep reading. There has to be more.

Celebrity Oasis

When you hear about the hurricanes and floods in the Midwest and south, you wish you lived in Arizona and Texas. (There are annual horror stories.) These are pretty dry areas overall, much of which is arid desert. No wonder celebrities live there to avoid inclement weather. Yes, the heat can be scorching, but these folks can afford to travel or have a second home. You can also get acreage in these states so you can have a pretty big spread like Julia Roberts or all those country music stars who talk with a twang. Arizona gets a lot of former big time sports figures, and it is close to LA. In both places, the prices are lower than New York or Hollywood.

Celebrities can pick and choose where they live, but they seem to live in enclaves like Las Vegas which is a celebrity oasis. They also congregate in the warmer San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles and in the beach community of Malibu. They have ranches, horses, plenty of space to store their many cars and other “toys.” How do they manage during the summer? Humidifiers make their living areas more comfortable.

You have to live where you work, unless you are a freelancer or independent entrepreneur who can stay home. So we don’t all have the same choices as the celebrities. We do have the option of buying a humidifier when the temperatures start rising, especially if we live in the desert. A good one will impart steam or mist into the air, making life infinitely easier. I know some people who start coughing when the air is too dry and their skin turns to leather.

You can acquire a console portable model or a larger whole-house unit, depending upon where you spend most of your time. No doubt the bedroom will be a must to alleviate difficulty when sleeping. Sometimes you just wish you lived in New Orleans in the humid south so you could breathe easier. But denizens complain of too much too often.

A humidifier comes with a water tank and the larger the unit, the longer your appliance will run. Some people like filterless models so there is little maintenance involved. They want to go for hours without giving the machine a second thought. They also want a quiet operation with nary a hum. When the basic requirements have been met, you can then opt for digital controls to manage length and type of output. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

I highly recommend a humidifier since we are on the subject. You can feel as pampered as a celebrity with one in tow. Put it in the office during the day and the bedroom at night. You can even take it when you travel. You will soon get used to having one and will want to use it year round. It is all about comfort and good health. You can control both when it comes to the air you inhale.

Celebrity Carpenter: Carter Oosterhouse

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to do a biography on a celebrity carpenter (or as he is called on his website, a lifestyle expert), and I know what you’re thinking: that’s a thing? It totally is. Or at least, it is for Carter Oosterhouse, who has made quite a lucrative career out of it. This 40-year-old, tool-belt-sporting, Michigan native started learning his craft at a young age—by middle school, he was an apprentice to his carpenter neighbor along with two of his older brothers. He went to college at Central Michigan University, where he studied communications and nutrition.

Upon graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to try his luck in the television and film industry. He went for an audition at HGTV (the Home and Garden channel for those of you without basic cable, or possibly for non-Americans reading this blog) for a new show. He didn’t get that part because they cast him as a carpenter—an actual carpenter, not someone who just plays one on TV—on the incredibly popular show home improvement show Trading Spaces, where friends redo a room in each others’ homes over the span of two days with the help of two designers and a carpenter, which was in its fourth season at the time, circa 2003. He was also included in the successful spin-offs, Trading Spaces: Families and Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls. He has since moved more front-and-center in TV: In 2007, he debuted two new shows on the DIY network: Carter Can (a home improvement show) and Inside Job (a behind-the-scenes look at Carter Can, which is less boring and more helpful than it sounds—it isn’t just, “here’s the camera guy, and this is the control room” it’s more: ‘we used an air compressor to power a pneumatic nail gun to put up this crown molding, which was cut at an angle so that it was easier to fit the pieces together for a seamless look, here’s how we did it’ whereas the Carter Can show is, ‘check out that crown molding!’) He’s also got Red Hot and Green, a home-improvement show where he utilizes greener practices and encourages viewers to do the same, as well as Million Dollar Homes. He’s done some modeling, hosted a few tv specials, and guest starred on a few morning shows. He was also voted one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men on TV, although he’s been married to the actress Amy Smart since 2011. In other words, if you put on a DIY channel, chances are you’re going to see his face if you leave it on long enough, and you’ll likely recognize him from something when you do see him.

He has written two different books, one children’s book and one focused on home design. He co-owns a Michigan winery with one of his brothers. He also runs his own non-profit organization to help kids build green spaces and parks in their communities, called Carter’s Kids. You can even buy custom furniture on his website.

This handsome jack-of-all-trades is an interesting one to watch, and it’s nice to see someone who both gives back to the community, and promotes better practices in their craft.

A Wrist Full of Innovation

Everyone knows about the Swiss. They have alps, stories about Heidi, a glacier, and a big lake. Most everyone also knows that they make clocks and watches that beat the competition hands down. Think of Invicta, TAG Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, and Patek Philippe. Swiss watches in all price ranges (but mostly expensive) are known world-wide as the epitome of luxury and style. They are copied by numerous other brands at a lower cost. You get the basic look, but not always the reliability. I prefer to wear a Swiss watch for its durability, great engineering, and super modern design. You have so many models to choose from that it can be a tough decision. Better get a fine watch as a gift and you can eliminate the headache of choice.

There is also Breitling, Longines, IWC, among others. The Swiss watch industry is huge with Switzerland the respected center. It has between this way for hundreds of years. If your watch says “Swiss made,” you can be proud to wear it. You will have quality on your wrist resulting from the country’s technical and aesthetic prowess. Be sure your watch is not a copy but is manufactured in Switzerland and that it has a Swiss movement. The brands we know inspect each and every watch that leaves the factory. A watch has to be 80% produced in the country to be legitimately Swiss made.

I said it was a tough choice and here’s why. You have to decide on battery, quartz or hand-wound (called mechanical), digital or analog. Whatever you own will be your prime luxury item for years to come. Swiss timepieces can run in the thousands, but they do make some gold or stainless watches that run around $500. You won’t get diamonds in place of the usual numbers. So, go for it and get a good one. It will be an investment piece. You can rely on the traditional brands mentioned above. They all have a rich history in watch making. Do your research online to learn more about your options.

Of course, if $500 is all you have, it is better to spend it on a genuine Swiss-made watch under $500 than a cheap copy made in a third-world country. Later, you can save up for the real gold watches that will provide class to any wrist. Elegant, timeless, classic—these are the watchwords of the industry.

Did you know that Tiffany watches are crafted in Switzerland, although the design, they say, is inspired by New York? For many men and women, these are prized possessions. But you can go into any fine watch store and try on different brands and models to see what suits your style. I invite you to do this in-person research to supplement what you see online. That’s what I did and I am pretty pleased with my selection. Once you go Swiss, you will never deviate from their quality ever again.

Sleep Like a Celebrity on a Nobody Budget

Everything that is somewhat luxe has a celebrity associated with it. Ads promise you will look like a celebrity if you use a certain makeup or buy a given designer for your clothing. If you work out with a celebrity’s own private set of exercises, you will look toned and ready for the silver screen. Magazines and online articles are loaded with recommendations by the select few who grab our attention no matter what. It is called a celebrity endorsement and it works.

We want to look live a comparable life, even if it is in more modest dimensions. We want to partake even a pinch of a celebrity’s world. We are glued to entertainment news sources to find out their latest moves: where they live, go on vacation, eat, and play. It would be a dull world without them. They can be athletes, movie stars, models, singers and dancers, reality people, and more. Let’s give a shout out to the world of celebrities! May they flourish and abound. We want them to go on forever, dictating the parameters of our fantasy lives.

I have been known to imitate these luminaries in our midst. I once saw an ad for a high end pillow for neck pain used by a certain very popular singer. Her curves alone require extra bedding. I could see her languishing on her luxurious mattress, sinking deep into its cushy softness. I had to have one for myself. To me, they exist in the very best hotels and resorts where celebrities reside since they only expect the best when they travel. Now I wanted a taste of the same action.

You can get a pillow top mattress by the way in any size bed, although why not go for a king if you have room. If you don’t need a new one, there are pads that will do the job. They are sold in any department store, specialty mattress shop, or online. What I am saying is that we can all get one, for a price. The built-in pillow top adds a little extra to the cost of a basic mattress, but what a difference they make. Your sleep will be blissful and without any rude awakening. No lumps or coils will mar your visit to lumber land. Some are memory foam. Just imagine…

Pillow tops come in various thicknesses so it is a matter of how high you want your bed to be. Just be sure you can get onto it without a step ladder. If you are short, you may want to reconsider. Then there is the puzzling matter of your sheets. Your fitted one may not be wide enough and you will have to special order. This can be expensive to be sure. But given all the problems, it is not enough to deter me from getting my small square of paradise.

So I am awaiting the next celebrity testimonial to see if it is something I should acquire. It could be a fitness machine, a Lincoln (yeah Matthew), a home theater center, or a motorcycle. It could be a certain perfume, a special shampoo, or a diet plan. If a celebrity wants it, so do I!

How Much Do You Know About Vincent van Gogh?

Vincent van Gogh

What can I say about Vincent van Gogh that other people haven’t said over and over again, since he’s once of the most famous artists who ever lived? I can at least say why he’s probably my favorite artist ever, even after taking way too many art history classes even though they didn’t actually count towards my major. I just love Vincent van Gogh’s style.

There’s really never been an artist quite like him before or since, which makes such a huge difference for me. However, there really isn’t that much to say about some famous artists. Vincent van Gogh has the advantage of being an interesting man in addition to being a really talented man.

I would like to say that we’re actually not entirely sure if the ear story is true. It is possible that van Gogh didn’t really cut off his ear for the reasons that people say. However, there’s no question that he did definitely cut off his ear, so at least that part is not a myth. The rest of us are probably going to believe what we want to believe anyway.

I would also like to say that it isn’t true that van Gogh didn’t sell a single painting while he was alive. He did at least manage to sell a single painting, even if it really was only that one single painting. This isn’t that much of a defense, I guess, since selling one of something isn’t that much better than selling none of it. Still, he made four hundred francs off of it, which is at least worth something.

Not a lot of people today know that van Gogh was actually once a preacher, religious teacher, and missionary. You don’t really think of Vincent van Gogh when you think of quiet, reserved religious people who are very dedicated to their faith. Vincent van Gogh is more of a symbol of turbulent, moody artists. He was complex enough to have been both at the same points during his life, and not just at different life stages.

Naturally, though, passionate people like Vincent van Gogh are going to exercise their passion in different ways, since it all has to go somewhere. At certain points during his life, Vincent van Gogh channeled his seemingly boundless passion into getting involved with very troubled women. At other points during his life, he channeled his passion into his religious faith, which he inherited from his minister father.

Vincent van Gogh had more passion than his brother Theo could handle at the worst of times, even though the two of them maintained a close friendship throughout their lives. The fact that Vincent van Gogh wrote six hundred letters to his brother throughout their lives demonstrates that he was able to exercise passion in all of his relationships. Some people say that burning twice as brightly for half as long is a good thing. Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853 and died in 1890. He did most of his best work within five years of his death. Vincent van Gogh’s life was a dramatic spectacle that ended too soon, but at least at ended with gusto.

Forgotten Truths About Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant is not a president who gets discussed that often today. He gets overshadowed by Lincoln because pretty much every gets overshadowed by Lincoln, so it isn’t entirely his fault. Of course, Ulysses S. Grant wasn’t a man who was able to really stand out as a result of his own merits when he was actually alive, so the current situation isn’t that much of a surprise.

I find Ulysses S. Grant interesting partly because some of his personal insecurities helped shape the Republican party in a way that we are still dealing with today, even though no one remembers who we got here or why. I also find him interesting because insecure people with a lot of ambition catch my eye. Super talented people are fascinating, but the people who really wish they were super talented are easier for most of us to relate to generally speaking.

A lot of people will give Ulysses S. Grant credit for winning the Civil War, for instance. They’ll think that he’s this general who had fantastic battle strategies which helped the North succeed against all odds. It’s a nice idea, and it’s certainly an idea that Ulysses S. Grant would have wanted to support, because that’s more or less what he wanted to believe about his own life.

The thing is, the South had all of the best military people at the time. That was basically their one real advantage in the war. The North had more resources, more volunteers, and better infrastructure. They had an easier time derailing supplies from the South as well, which only added to their strengths. Lincoln’s main strategy in many cases was to basically send as many men as possible to the front-lines in an effort to eventually wipe out most of the elite Southern soldiers. People on both sides would die, but the South would be the side that got a lot weaker.

Ulysses S. Grant was basically okay with this strategy, and he was the man to send out wave after wave of soldiers whose sole purpose was to die in order to weaken the Southern power. Most generals would have done something similar, since this was the strategy that Lincoln mainly had at his disposal. Ulysses S. Grant was basically known as something of a butcher in his lifetime as a result of this strategy, but this perception has definitely faded with time. Still, Grant made it to the presidency because he ended up a decorated soldier, even though he didn’t bring much to the role.

Grant wouldn’t have been there in the first place if there weren’t strapped for soldiers, given his mediocre performance at the military academy. The war broke out at the right time for him, and that’s the only reason people today remember Grant at all. He would at least be happy that this is not typically something that we acknowledge.

Tom Hanks For All Generations

Tom Hanks

It’s hard for me not to want to write about Tom Hanks, since he seems to have had a habit of starring in half of my favorite movies. It seemed like every other movie had Tom Hanks back in the 1990s, and most of them were great. It’s hard to imagine that one of Tom Hanks’s earliest roles was a cameo in the truly terrible old show Happy Days, which is well-regarded largely due to the infamous nostalgia filter.

Tom Hanks in general was very much a comedic actor at the beginning of his career. I think even then he managed to stand head and shoulders above most of the people around him in almost any given scene, but he still didn’t really have very much to work with when it came to actually fleshing out the characters. I don’t know why a lot of people seem to be under the impression that comedic actors aren’t good actors or general, or that they can’t switch to dramatic roles if they want. It’s probably an inevitable consequence of the fact that a lot of critics think that comedies are inherently inferior, and only dramas are ever going to count as true art.

Tom Hanks is distinct in the fact that he starred in half of the best movies from my childhood, my teenage years, and my young adult years. The movie Big has practically become synonymous with childhood itself for a lot of people, including me. Splash is still probably the best movie I’ve ever seen featuring a non-human love interest of any kind, and it is certainly the best mermaid movie ever as far as I’m concerned. Of course, nothing can top Tom Hanks’s voice performances in the Toy Story series, which is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed series of all time for a reason. I still never get tired of watching the Toy Story movies. The fact that Tom Hanks managed to breathe so much life into a character that’s technically made of plastic helped make the Toy Story movies so great.

Of course, when it comes to movies from my adolescence that make me cry, it’s hard to top Philadelphia or Cast Away. Really, the fact that we would literally watch a movie that featured Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball on an island in the first place is a testament to his sheer talent.

Tom Hanks is also an outspoken liberal and an environmentalist who has tried to use his star power to get alternative fuels off the ground. Hollywood doesn’t have anywhere near enough actors that have a lot of sheer likability in addition to their talent. Usually, we just have to put up with their personalities because they have so much talent. We didn’t have to do that with Tom Hanks, which just makes him that much more likable.

Warren G. Harding: A Legend in Mediocrity

Warren G. Haring is well-known for having said that he was not fit for the office of the presidency and never should have been there, which was already enough to make me interested in him. This is very much the case for a lot of presidents, but here just aren’t that many presidents who actually admit it. It’s refreshing to finally find one of them who is actually self-aware and honest.

For better or for worse, a lot of historians definitely agree with Warren G. Harding on that one. He’s considered one of America’s least intelligent presidents, and you won’t find too many people willing to defend his legacy for better or for worse, such as it is. I think this really would have gotten to Warren G. Harding, obviously, and that’s partly because he was a man who was so desperate for everyone to like him.

He was once told that he was lucky to have not been born a woman because he was incapable of saying ‘no’ and he’d have had a lot of kids too early otherwise. The world will obviously never know about that one, but we do know that for Warren G. Harding, being president was really about being a yes man to your advisers, and not the other way around. He was a great figurehead president at least, but not a lot that happened during this particular time period really could have been attributed to Warren G. Harding.

Warren G. Harding managed to have several mistresses, which already would have earned him something of a reputation among American presidents. However, the Teapot Dome scandal sank him entirely. You can think of it as the Watergate Scandal of its day. Of course, Richard Nixon was a better president than Harding in many ways, although that really isn’t a compliment to Richard Nixon.

Some people become famous for being the best of the best. Other people become famous for being the worst of the worst. I’m personally interested in both categories, although I can certainly make time for the people who are basically just really mediocre. Warren G. Harding gets to earn a certain level of fame today for being one of the worst presidents in all of American history. Some presidents would probably be willing to trade with him, because at least that means that he’s been remembered, and many of them haven’t been.

Warren G. Harding was fifty-seven when he died in 1923. It is humbling to think that most presidents are older than that when they actually start running for the presidency in the first place, and Warren G. Harding was already dead at that age. However, many of the corruption scandals and sex scandals that marked the career of Warren G. Harding still make him seem like more of a modern president than he otherwise would have been. His lifespan dates him significantly much more than his behavior ever could.

Meryl Streep is a Legend Today and Tomorrow

Meryl Streep is an actress whose name is now considered more or less synonymous with good acting. She has become the standard by which all other actresses are judged when people are trying to assess whether or not someone is talented at acting. She has had one of the longest careers in the industry on that basis alone, and Meryl Streep will continue getting fabulous and high profile roles throughout the rest of her life. At age sixty-six, the roles haven’t stopped, and Meryl Streep’s reputation has only continued to improve. It’s hard for me not to think of Meryl Streep when thinking of a list of the women I admire most, so she’s the sort of person I have to write about.

Her reputation as an actress has easily allowed her to compete with the screen legends like Katherine Hepburn when it comes to public admiration, even allowing Meryl Streep to compete with the nostalgia factor. Indeed, Katherine Hepburn was immensely talented, but she was not exactly known for having much of a range as an actress. Meryl Streep is well-known for being the sort of actress who can turn herself into absolutely anyone.

Meryl Streep did indeed go to some of the finest acting schools in the world, such as the Yale School of Drama. However, so did quite a few other actors, and few of them have managed to do what Meryl Streep can do even when she barely seems to be trying. Certainly, her impressive acting education has been an asset to her. However, even a good portion of her drama teachers are humbled when discussing their former student, nothing that Meryl Streep seems to have largely taught herself.

The fact that Meryl Streep has such an untarnished reputation in a Hollywood system that does everything that it can to rake actors across the coals is impressive. There does seem to be a line in Hollywood between actors and movie stars. Some movie stars can act, but they’re more famous for being famous than anything else, and part of their function is promoting the studio and its products. The studio is going to focus on their personal lives to a greater extent.

People who are emphatically actors like Meryl Streep aren’t going to run into the same situation. The media is going to focus on their immense talent, because that was what they were interested in offering the world in the first place. Indeed, many of the movie stars today are going to be forgotten in the next few decades, just like their predecessors were. Meryl Streep is a living legend now, and she will be a legend after her death.