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Welcome to Basic Famous People

This online biographical reference contains thousands of profiles of famous people and celebrities, living and dead. Our database of biographies includes celebrities of music, movies and television as well as current famous people and historical figures from all fields of human endeavor.

We invite you to start by selecting famous people & celebrities from today's birthdays and death anniversaries,or browsing our alphapetical listing above. You may also be interested in our browsing our constantly updating lists of most popular actors, musicians, people in the news, and historical figures. Be sure to check out our lists of most significant famous people of all time, as well as by field.

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Today's Birthdays of Famous People & Celebrities:
Clarence Darrow1857
Clarence Darrow
Attorney - Scopes Monkey Trial
Richard Harding Davis1864
Richard Harding Davis
Author - Yellow-era journalist
Keiko Abe1937
Keiko Abe
Composer - apanese composer and marimba playe
Conan O1963
Conan O'Brien
Talk Show Host - Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Miguel Cabrera1983
Miguel Cabrera
Baseball - Florida Marlins hitter
Today's Birthdays of Famous People & Celebrities - Complete

Today's Death Anniversaries of Famous People & Celebrities:
Justus Liebig1873
Justus Liebig
Chemist - Reformed pedagogy of chemistry
Albert Einstein, 19471955

Albert Einstein
Physicist - Theory of relativity
Antonio Lauro1986
Antonio Lauro
Composer - One of the foremost South American composers for t
Today's Death Anniversaries of Famous People & Celebrities - Complete
Recent Deaths:
Mitch Mitchell1947
Mitch Mitchell
Drummer - Drummer for The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Miriam Makeba 1932
Miriam Makeba
Singer - South African singer and civil rights activist
Michael Crichton1942
Michael Crichton
Author - Jurassic Park, Westworld, etc.
Yma Sumac1924

Yma Sumac
Singer - Vocalist with a 4.5-octave
Studs Terkel1912
Studs Terkel
Author - Working
Most Influencial People:
Jesus of Nazareth.0004

Jesus of Nazareth
Religion - Son of God
Albert Einstein, 19471879

Albert Einstein
Physicist - Theory of relativity
Isaac Newton1643
Isaac Newton
Physicist - Father of modern physics
Paul the Apostle0010

Paul the Apostle
Religion - Apostle to the Gentiles

Religion - Wrote the Torah
Religion - Muslim Prophet
Cai Lun0050
Cai Lun
Inventor - Inventor of paper
Johannes Gutenberg1398
Johannes Gutenberg
Inventor - Inventor of movable type
Christopher Columbus1451
Christopher Columbus
Explorer - Re-discovered the New World
Louis Pasteur1822
Louis Pasteur
Chemist - Discovered process of pasteurization
Galileo Galilei1564
Galileo Galilei
Astronomer - Invented telescope
Philosopher - Politics
Euclid of Alexandria0365

Euclid of Alexandria
Mathematician - The Elements
Adolf Hitler1889

Adolf Hitler
Head of State - Teppichfresser
Osama bin Laden1957
Osama Bin Laden
Terrorist - Head of al Qaeda terrorist organization
Abraham Lincoln1809
Abraham Lincoln
President - 16th US President, 1861-65
George W. Bush1946
George W. Bush
President - 43rd US President
Ronald Reagan1911
Ronald Reagan
President - 40th US President, 1981-89
Martin Luther1483
Martin Luther
Religion - Created Protestant movement
Thomas Edison1847
Thomas A. Edison
Inventor - Invented the light bulb
Gautama Buddha
Religion - Enlightened One
Religion - Founder of Confucianism
Martin Luther King, Jr1929
Martin Luther King
Activist - African American civil rights activist
William Shakespeare1564
William Shakespeare
Playwright - Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth
Karl Marx1818
Karl Marx
Philosopher - Das Kapital, Communist Manifesto

Most Popular on Site:
Pancho Villa1878
Pancho Villa
Military - Revolutionary, invaded United States
Nicanor Abelardo1893
Nicanor Abelardo
Composer - Kundiman songs
Jack LaLanne1914
Jack LaLanne
Fitness Guru - Fitness guru
Frank Abagnale1948
Frank Abagnale
Criminal - Catch Me If You Can
Angelina Jolie1975
Angelina Jolie
Actor - Tomb Raider
Megan Fox1986
Megan Fox
Actor - Sydney Shanowski on Hope and Faith
Elizabeth Taylor1932

Elizabeth Taylor
Actor - Cleopatra
Trey Smith1992
Trey Smith
Actor - Son of Will Smith
Katy Perry1984
Katy Perry
Singer/Songwriter - I Kissed a Girl
Aubrey Graham1986
Aubrey Graham
Actor - Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi

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