A Wrist Full of Innovation

Everyone knows about the Swiss. They have alps, stories about Heidi, a glacier, and a big lake. Most everyone also knows that they make clocks and watches that beat the competition hands down. Think of Invicta, TAG Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, and Patek Philippe. Swiss watches in all price ranges (but mostly expensive) are known world-wide as the epitome of luxury and style. They are copied by numerous other brands at a lower cost. You get the basic look, but not always the reliability. I prefer to wear a Swiss watch for its durability, great engineering, and super modern design. You have so many models to choose from that it can be a tough decision. Better get a fine watch as a gift and you can eliminate the headache of choice.

There is also Breitling, Longines, IWC, among others. The Swiss watch industry is huge with Switzerland the respected center. It has between this way for hundreds of years. If your watch says “Swiss made,” you can be proud to wear it. You will have quality on your wrist resulting from the country’s technical and aesthetic prowess. Be sure your watch is not a copy but is manufactured in Switzerland and that it has a Swiss movement. The brands we know inspect each and every watch that leaves the factory. A watch has to be 80% produced in the country to be legitimately Swiss made.

I said it was a tough choice and here’s why. You have to decide on battery, quartz or hand-wound (called mechanical), digital or analog. Whatever you own will be your prime luxury item for years to come. Swiss timepieces can run in the thousands, but they do make some gold or stainless watches that run around $500. You won’t get diamonds in place of the usual numbers. So, go for it and get a good one. It will be an investment piece. You can rely on the traditional brands mentioned above. They all have a rich history in watch making. Do your research online to learn more about your options.

Of course, if $500 is all you have, it is better to spend it on a genuine Swiss-made watch under $500 than a cheap copy made in a third-world country. Later, you can save up for the real gold watches that will provide class to any wrist. Elegant, timeless, classic—these are the watchwords of the industry.

Did you know that Tiffany watches are crafted in Switzerland, although the design, they say, is inspired by New York? For many men and women, these are prized possessions. But you can go into any fine watch store and try on different brands and models to see what suits your style. I invite you to do this in-person research to supplement what you see online. That’s what I did and I am pretty pleased with my selection. Once you go Swiss, you will never deviate from their quality ever again.