Celebrity Oasis

When you hear about the hurricanes and floods in the Midwest and south, you wish you lived in Arizona and Texas. (There are annual horror stories.) These are pretty dry areas overall, much of which is arid desert. No wonder celebrities live there to avoid inclement weather. Yes, the heat can be scorching, but these folks can afford to travel or have a second home. You can also get acreage in these states so you can have a pretty big spread like Julia Roberts or all those country music stars who talk with a twang. Arizona gets a lot of former big time sports figures, and it is close to LA. In both places, the prices are lower than New York or Hollywood.

Celebrities can pick and choose where they live, but they seem to live in enclaves like Las Vegas which is a celebrity oasis. They also congregate in the warmer San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles and in the beach community of Malibu. They have ranches, horses, plenty of space to store their many cars and other “toys.” How do they manage during the summer? Humidifiers make their living areas more comfortable.

You have to live where you work, unless you are a freelancer or independent entrepreneur who can stay home. So we don’t all have the same choices as the celebrities. We do have the option of buying a humidifier when the temperatures start rising, especially if we live in the desert. A good one will impart steam or mist into the air, making life infinitely easier. I know some people who start coughing when the air is too dry and their skin turns to leather.

You can acquire a console portable model or a larger whole-house unit, depending upon where you spend most of your time. No doubt the bedroom will be a must to alleviate difficulty when sleeping. Sometimes you just wish you lived in New Orleans in the humid south so you could breathe easier. But denizens complain of too much too often.

A humidifier comes with a water tank and the larger the unit, the longer your appliance will run. Some people like filterless models so there is little maintenance involved. They want to go for hours without giving the machine a second thought. They also want a quiet operation with nary a hum. When the basic requirements have been met, you can then opt for digital controls to manage length and type of output. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

I highly recommend a humidifier since we are on the subject. You can feel as pampered as a celebrity with one in tow. Put it in the office during the day and the bedroom at night. You can even take it when you travel. You will soon get used to having one and will want to use it year round. It is all about comfort and good health. You can control both when it comes to the air you inhale.