How Much Do You Know About Vincent van Gogh?

Vincent van Gogh

What can I say about Vincent van Gogh that other people haven’t said over and over again, since he’s once of the most famous artists who ever lived? I can at least say why he’s probably my favorite artist ever, even after taking way too many art history classes even though they didn’t actually count towards my major. I just love Vincent van Gogh’s style.

There’s really never been an artist quite like him before or since, which makes such a huge difference for me. However, there really isn’t that much to say about some famous artists. Vincent van Gogh has the advantage of being an interesting man in addition to being a really talented man.

I would like to say that we’re actually not entirely sure if the ear story is true. It is possible that van Gogh didn’t really cut off his ear for the reasons that people say. However, there’s no question that he did definitely cut off his ear, so at least that part is not a myth. The rest of us are probably going to believe what we want to believe anyway.

I would also like to say that it isn’t true that van Gogh didn’t sell a single painting while he was alive. He did at least manage to sell a single painting, even if it really was only that one single painting. This isn’t that much of a defense, I guess, since selling one of something isn’t that much better than selling none of it. Still, he made four hundred francs off of it, which is at least worth something.

Not a lot of people today know that van Gogh was actually once a preacher, religious teacher, and missionary. You don’t really think of Vincent van Gogh when you think of quiet, reserved religious people who are very dedicated to their faith. Vincent van Gogh is more of a symbol of turbulent, moody artists. He was complex enough to have been both at the same points during his life, and not just at different life stages.

Naturally, though, passionate people like Vincent van Gogh are going to exercise their passion in different ways, since it all has to go somewhere. At certain points during his life, Vincent van Gogh channeled his seemingly boundless passion into getting involved with very troubled women. At other points during his life, he channeled his passion into his religious faith, which he inherited from his minister father.

Vincent van Gogh had more passion than his brother Theo could handle at the worst of times, even though the two of them maintained a close friendship throughout their lives. The fact that Vincent van Gogh wrote six hundred letters to his brother throughout their lives demonstrates that he was able to exercise passion in all of his relationships. Some people say that burning twice as brightly for half as long is a good thing. Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853 and died in 1890. He did most of his best work within five years of his death. Vincent van Gogh’s life was a dramatic spectacle that ended too soon, but at least at ended with gusto.