If a Celebrity Jumped off a Bridge, Would You…

Celebrities. Ah! The fodder for millions of articles, TV news programs, magazines, and books. We can’t get enough of them day and night. We want to emulate their every move as if there were nothing more important. If they jumped off a bridge as a new fad, probably a lot of other people would, too. Their names are pure magic. We all have our favorites like Paris and Kim. They denote glamour and excitement and fill our lives with trivia galore. We love this meaningless banter about what they wear, where they vacation and with whom, what they buy for their babies, and the cars they drive. No wonder I was a bit captivated by an article on celebrity beauty tricks. This is what they are known for. Their opinions are to be trusted and loved. They must know more than the average Joe. They make a living about being good looking and beauty ranks high on the list of their knowledge. Perhaps that is the only true knowledge they possess.

The article was full of nonsense and maybe a good tip or two. Using three tubes of mascara for your eyelashes may seem a bit much, especially if blue is the under color. Buying a bra a size too small will give you instant lift. Tattooing your eyebrows will fill in missing hairs. There is always someone’s favorite perfume, lipstick, blush, and even toothpaste. If you want to wear what the big names are wearing, take a closer look. They tell you where to get copycat outfits and sometimes the real thing. Editors call it a score.

Then here was a tip that made me flabbergasted. One actress keeps her legs healthy and varicose vein free by wearing compression stocks for nurses. These are those thick ugly things that nurses typically wear because they are on their feet a lot. Don’t knock it if you don’t get it. I am also on shoots for days at a crack which causes some serious wear and tear on the calf muscles.

I think it is actually a good idea, as ridiculous as it may look. It would work for people who travel a lot and walk long distances in airports. I am going to jump off that bridge I mentioned and order a few pairs. I hasten to the nurses clothing website and find just what I am looking for. You can’t get them just anyplace such as in a department store. They come in basic colors: black, beige, suntan, white (nurse’s favorite I am told), and coffee. You can get a whole wardrobe of them to go with all your outfits. I intend to wear them with pants most of all so the heavy gauge of the material won’t matter. They aren’t the most attractive with delicate dresses and skirts. I think I learned something important from a fluff celebrity article. I am going to keep reading. There has to be more.