Meryl Streep is a Legend Today and Tomorrow

Meryl Streep is an actress whose name is now considered more or less synonymous with good acting. She has become the standard by which all other actresses are judged when people are trying to assess whether or not someone is talented at acting. She has had one of the longest careers in the industry on that basis alone, and Meryl Streep will continue getting fabulous and high profile roles throughout the rest of her life. At age sixty-six, the roles haven’t stopped, and Meryl Streep’s reputation has only continued to improve. It’s hard for me not to think of Meryl Streep when thinking of a list of the women I admire most, so she’s the sort of person I have to write about.

Her reputation as an actress has easily allowed her to compete with the screen legends like Katherine Hepburn when it comes to public admiration, even allowing Meryl Streep to compete with the nostalgia factor. Indeed, Katherine Hepburn was immensely talented, but she was not exactly known for having much of a range as an actress. Meryl Streep is well-known for being the sort of actress who can turn herself into absolutely anyone.

Meryl Streep did indeed go to some of the finest acting schools in the world, such as the Yale School of Drama. However, so did quite a few other actors, and few of them have managed to do what Meryl Streep can do even when she barely seems to be trying. Certainly, her impressive acting education has been an asset to her. However, even a good portion of her drama teachers are humbled when discussing their former student, nothing that Meryl Streep seems to have largely taught herself.

The fact that Meryl Streep has such an untarnished reputation in a Hollywood system that does everything that it can to rake actors across the coals is impressive. There does seem to be a line in Hollywood between actors and movie stars. Some movie stars can act, but they’re more famous for being famous than anything else, and part of their function is promoting the studio and its products. The studio is going to focus on their personal lives to a greater extent.

People who are emphatically actors like Meryl Streep aren’t going to run into the same situation. The media is going to focus on their immense talent, because that was what they were interested in offering the world in the first place. Indeed, many of the movie stars today are going to be forgotten in the next few decades, just like their predecessors were. Meryl Streep is a living legend now, and she will be a legend after her death.