Sleep Like a Celebrity on a Nobody Budget

Everything that is somewhat luxe has a celebrity associated with it. Ads promise you will look like a celebrity if you use a certain makeup or buy a given designer for your clothing. If you work out with a celebrity’s own private set of exercises, you will look toned and ready for the silver screen. Magazines and online articles are loaded with recommendations by the select few who grab our attention no matter what. It is called a celebrity endorsement and it works.

We want to look live a comparable life, even if it is in more modest dimensions. We want to partake even a pinch of a celebrity’s world. We are glued to entertainment news sources to find out their latest moves: where they live, go on vacation, eat, and play. It would be a dull world without them. They can be athletes, movie stars, models, singers and dancers, reality people, and more. Let’s give a shout out to the world of celebrities! May they flourish and abound. We want them to go on forever, dictating the parameters of our fantasy lives.

I have been known to imitate these luminaries in our midst. I once saw an ad for a high end pillow for neck pain used by a certain very popular singer. Her curves alone require extra bedding. I could see her languishing on her luxurious mattress, sinking deep into its cushy softness. I had to have one for myself. To me, they exist in the very best hotels and resorts where celebrities reside since they only expect the best when they travel. Now I wanted a taste of the same action.

You can get a pillow top mattress by the way in any size bed, although why not go for a king if you have room. If you don’t need a new one, there are pads that will do the job. They are sold in any department store, specialty mattress shop, or online. What I am saying is that we can all get one, for a price. The built-in pillow top adds a little extra to the cost of a basic mattress, but what a difference they make. Your sleep will be blissful and without any rude awakening. No lumps or coils will mar your visit to lumber land. Some are memory foam. Just imagine…

Pillow tops come in various thicknesses so it is a matter of how high you want your bed to be. Just be sure you can get onto it without a step ladder. If you are short, you may want to reconsider. Then there is the puzzling matter of your sheets. Your fitted one may not be wide enough and you will have to special order. This can be expensive to be sure. But given all the problems, it is not enough to deter me from getting my small square of paradise.

So I am awaiting the next celebrity testimonial to see if it is something I should acquire. It could be a fitness machine, a Lincoln (yeah Matthew), a home theater center, or a motorcycle. It could be a certain perfume, a special shampoo, or a diet plan. If a celebrity wants it, so do I!